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2014.11.22-24. Trieste – Spirit of Hungary preparation for Barcelona World Race 2014

Spirit of Hungary 60’ — after a long modification and preparation period — is on the see again, sailing towards Barcelona to start the Barcelona World Race on the 31st December !

Nandor Fa (HUN) skipper, Conrad Colman co-skipper (NZ), and the Spirit of Hungary Team had been working tirelessly to finalize the boat, to be able to leave the port of Trieste at least by the end of November.

Nine people traveled to Trieste to launch the Hungarian Imoca 60, and put their knowledge together to assemble every piece of the newborn “Lady”.

The Team:

— Nándor Fa (skipper)

— Conrad Colman (co-skipper)

— Péter Perényi (substitute co-skipper, electrician)

— András d’Albini (electrician)

— Marcell Goszleth (former co-skipper, team member)

— András Keller (rigger)

— András Khilenberg (mechanic)

— György Fináczy (former olympic Finn sailor)

— Gergely Bagyó (Hungarian Water Rescue Team)

29th November: the Spirit of Hungary has started its delivery sailing with the three skippers on board: Nandor Fa, Conrad Colman, Péter Perényi.

Barcelona, here they come, see you soon !

Conrad Colman co-skipper of Spirit of Hungary Imoca  60′ – about the preparation for BWR 2014 – in Trieste Nov. 2014. (audio English)

Spirit of Hungary IMOCA 60′ prep for the BWR 2014 – mini video about the team preparing in Italy, Trieste before sailing away to Barcelona World Race
skipper Nandor Fa (HUN), co-skipper: Conrad Colman (NZ)
substitute co-skipper: Péter Perényi 

Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60′ Team – 23th Nov in the morning

Preparations before leaving for Barcelona – Trieste – november 2014

Nandor Fa skipper, Conrad Colman co-skipper, Peter Perenyi substitute co-skipper, Andras Keller rigger, Andras Khilenberg mechanic (Fa Hajó Ltd.), Gergely Bagyó (Hungarian Water Rescue Team).

The story of a long hard day:

2014.11.24. AM

2014.11.24. PM