Vendée Globe  
93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

A short summary – been slightly more than a month, since the Spirit of Hungary was launched

It’s been slightly more than a month, since the Spirit of Hungary was launched.

The boat had been tested in three steps by the IMOCA committee: first on land during production, and 2 other times on the water. The tests were designed to see if the boat complies all the latest and most severe IMOCA rules. The last two water-based tests were carried out in Trieste, Italy.

The world’s very first new-generation IMOCA 60, made by ZOLTEK carbon is the result of an approximate 16 thousand working hours since 2012 (throughout week-ends and holidays). The news of the hard-working, ambitious creator team had spread around the world within a few minutes.

The number of views and followers of the official Spirit of Hungary website have risen greatly, and its social platforms are even more successful.

Nandor Fa’s return to the ocean sailing world is considered as a real specialty for the international media. He is not merely a sailor who buys the boat and starts sailing. He’s one of those few, who take on the designer, constructor and manager roles at the same time. The 3 times around the world sailor was the first non-French, who completed the world’s toughest race in off-shore ocean sailing. He finished the Vendée Globe in the 5th place.

Due to the constantly changing IMOCA rules, the boat was finished later than first planned. In order to fulfill all the requirements, the construction period was broken down into several terms, which inevitably slowed down the process.

Even so, it’s been born as the first boat of the new IMOCA Ocean Masters World series, and was the first to successfully pass its examinations. Nándor Fa received a real flow of international congratulations, but the of course the work is not done yet. “It takes a long test sailing process for the ‘foal’ to mature.” – said Nandor Fa. Part of this process is the first New York – Barcelona race.

The following videos – made by Xtrame Studio – introduce the new boat’s sailing experiences up to now.

The most sought after Hungarian sailing film of April 2014:

180 degrees CAPSIZE TEST – the skipper has to right the boat by himself, using the hydraulic keel system. After the capsize, all electronic equipment has to work perfectly, under any circumstances. The test took place in Trieste. One member of the measurement committee stayed inside the boat with Nandor, while the other one observed the boat from outside.

The boat complied the rules perfectly.

Godfather: Péter Attila Kiss – former vice president and present counselor of the ZOLTEK company

All necessary tests, fixings, fittings and reparations were finished during test sailing from Trieste to Gibraltar, with a crew of 6 experts on board.

30st April 2014. The Spirit of Hungary began its test journey

UP ON THE MAST! – electronic inspection: working on top of the mast in 27 m height during sailing. The boat had to be kept horizontal for the mast-climb, so that the sailor is safe while working. The Spirit of Hungary’s electrician Péter Perényi was the one to get up there.

GIBRALTAR BAY  – La Linea  (Sp)
Further inspections and reparations in the bay of La Linea (Spain), craning out the boat for short. Then saying goodbye to the family and team, off to New York – this time only the skipper and co-skipper on board. Hopefully they’ll reach the start of the NY – Barcelona, which is on the 1st June.

16th May 2014 – Start of the ocean qualification sailing

Double-handed ocean sailing: Nándor Fa skipper and 3 times around the world sailor, with Goszleth Marcell co-skipper, olympic sailor.

Nándor Fa did not hesitate for long before inviting Marcell as his co-skipper, with whom they’ve already sailed together in 2003. A co-skipper has to qualify lots of skills, including expertise in sailing, ambition, bearing strength under high pressure, and significant professional humility – the sea is no fun, one should not underestimate its power!

Marcell Goszleth, who’s already achieved several results in other boat classes and categories on an international level, now entered the very top class of solo ocean sailors, which so many people envy around the world. In this genre, co-skippers are also selected from the small circle of former ocean sailors and around the world sailors.

TEST – SAIL MANEUVER – on the Mediterranean Sea (Nándor and Marcell)

Nándor Fa is in constant communication with the race organizers during their ocean-crossing – regarding the possible delay. Even if with a few penalty points due to delay, they intend to sail back to Europe within the frames of the NY-BCN race. The race committee allowed this option to the Spirit of Hungary in this boat category.

The IMOCA and the OSM continuously keeps in touch with the boat – it is favorable for the organizers as well, for the Spirit of Hungary to be present at the NY-BCN race, as its participation will be an introduction of the NEW IMOCA 60 RULES towards the international racing world.

All the news, pictures, videos, audio files, and more are available on the official Spirit of Hungary website:

At the moment, the Spirit of Hungary is sailing a little bit ahead of the geometrical middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The exact date of its arrival in NY cannot be calculated for sure yet. Fingers crossed for good wind!

In the ocean sailing culture, those who are late, are also highly appreciated and celebrated. In this world, there are no losers! The invitation to the most prestigious events and ceremonies are deserved by every team member – including those, who support such esteemed projects. They have to be there and have to be celebrated.

According to Nandor Fa’s latest update, 29th May, they are sailing less than 300 miles away from New York, in favorable weather and wind conditions.
Chances are, they will arrive between friday night and saturday morning.
Some parts of the brand new boat and its skippers are going to have to be examined thoroughly after their first transatlantic journey.
Nandor and Marcell do everything they are obliged to do by the IMOCA and the OSM rules. They are going to do all reparations needed on the boat after this tough route, and of course a long rest cannot be missed before starting the long New York – Barcelona race.
An other important job will be to find and purchase specially packed food for the journey.

The double- handed transatlantic race starts on 1st June (Sunday), the fleet includes 5 boats:

— Safran
— Neutrogena
— Hugo Boss
— Gaes
— Spirit of Hungary