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Skipper Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman co-skipper’s messages – Spirit of Hungary Dec. 2014

09 December Bona Dia Barcelona, Buenos Dias Barcelona, Jó reggelt Barcelona! Good Morning Barcelona!  Spirit of Hungary 60′ Imoca racing boat arrived just in time for the Barcelona World Race.

It was great delivery sailing from the port of Trieste (Italy) and was a very succesful, useful test sailing of the renewed Hungarian Imoca 60′.

Thanks a lot to Conrad for sending the fresh pictures from Barcelona World Race! Have a good relax guys!

Conrad Colman co-skipper’s words by telephone interview about his first sailing as at the helm of  the Spirit of Hungary 60′ as co-skipper of  Nandor Fa – the delivery of the renewed Imoca 60′ from Trieste  to Barcelona was the qualification of the Hungarian-New Zealander duo for the Barcelona World Race.

C. Colman  – audio (recorded by Lili Fa)

08 Dec 2014 22:00

On-board audio – skipper Nandor Fa  talking about his co-skipper Conrad Conrad and about the substitute co-skipper Péter Perényi  – he is the electrician of the Spirit of Hungary 60′

How Nandor and Conrad were working with each other at first time in their life during the delivery sailing from Trieste to the port of the Barcelona World Race.

C. Colman had relaxed that time we recorded the phone call – we will talk to him later.

07 Dec 2014 14:30

” In the meantime, the stronger winds that we will have tomorrow will be good match for our reduced sails

Its a bit wet currently, with frequent passing showers washing the boat and crew!
Its nice to be on the home stretch to Barcelona, especially with some strong conditions forecast in order to gain some experience for the Southern Ocean. The boat is great and the shifty conditions makes for lots of maneuvers so Nandor and I are getting bet
ter at sailing together. We have had technical problems that have stopped us hoisting the right sails sometimes so rigorous training will have to wait for Barcelona.

In the meantime, the stronger winds that we will have tomorrow will be good match for our reduced sails and we’ll be sure to learn some important lessons for the rest of the race.

– C “