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IMOCA official boat measurement at Spirit of Hungary

Sylvie Viant and René Boulaire – the official IMOCA measurers started the whole measuring procedure of Spirit of Hungary 60 foot ocean racing boat this morning at Fa Hajó Ltd.


Interview with Sylvie Viant — official IMOCA measurer explains the concept of the process:


Interview in written version:

Could you please tell me about the concept of the hole process?

S.V.: We start with the Photo-geometry of the hull with a camera. We sticks marks on the hull, then we take a lot of photos, which go on the computer, into the software. With this software, we make a model — the real model, and compare it to the architect model. We see, if there is some difference, but we think that with Nándor, it will be perfect.

Sometimes there could be a little difference, and when you calculate the stability of the boat, you have to take the real model.

This system is very modern, it can also be done with a scanner. René is a specialist of these two procedures. This time, we use photo-geometry.

What is going to happen next, after this?

S.V.: When we finish the model, we are going to do the same thing with the keel and the bulb.

With the same method?

S.V.: Yes, the same, with the stickers. We will also calculate the CG (Center of Gravity) of the keel. So we will weigh the keel with a crane and an official IMOCA load cell. Then we will weigh the keel with the bulb with two load cells. And then in the calculation, we find the CG of the keel. This will go in the procedure of the stability of the boat.

This is the first part. And after, when the boat goes into the water, there will be the second part of the measurements. It’s when the boat will have the mast, and it will be at the sea. There, we will calculate the real stability of the boat.