Vendée Globe  
93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

Let’s take a look back at: how the Spirit of Hungary’s food provision had been selected and packed.

It was assembled partly from local grocery stores in Barcelona and partly from pre-ordered, rather costly lyophilized – dry frozen – food, which Nandor and Conrad had ordered from home before their start of the delivery from Trieste. The bulky cartons of lyophilized treats were sent directly to Barcelona.

The waterproof packaging of the food supplies and the separating of daily portions was directed by Conrad’s fiancée Clara Hirsch, and was carried out with the help of the Hungarian Water Rescue Team (VMSZ).
We provide a peak into the process by a short audio interview with Rubina Szedlák-Kun and Nóra Bagyó (VMSZ) in Hungarian, furthermore Clara Hirsch and Conrad Colman talks to us in English about the importance of separating daily portions.