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93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

Spirit of Hungary 60′ IMOCA sailingboat heading to Gibraltar on her first testsailing before the ocean qualification

Spirit of Hungary 60 heading to Gibraltar as her first testsailing in the life of this brandnew full ZOLTEK carbon 60′ – designed and built in Hungary

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Nandor Fa skipper and his co-skipper Marcell Goszleth will continue their qualification sailing from Gibraltar to USA as soon they can start.

Their firs target to participate on the New York-Barcelona Trans-Atlantic double-handed sailing race in the IMOCA OCEAN  MASTERS serie 2014-2017.
Four more Imoca 60′ boats are on the way to New York.

12 05 2014 – before 09:00 ARRIVED

IN LA LINEA  –  beside Gibraltar  – Spanish side harbor

Welcome in the safe harbor! BRAVO!

12 05 2014 – early morning  – Heading to Gibraltar – estimated arrival today

this early morning tracking and weather chart print screen you can find here below.

Estimated arrival is – by the message of skipper Nandor Fa sent us yesterday evening: today before midday. Right after they arrived, they have to pick up several things wich were not delivered in time in Trieste also not in Brindisi. Nandor and Marcell have to check everything after the test sailing before they start. By their riports they worked a lot during the testsailing. By Nandor’s riport the boat is so young, like a “raw” material, they spent plenty hours a day with several settings. The boat conditions and her progress is well, the team and the skippers enjoyed the  sailing with her.

Although they were sailing with  crew, the skippers tested to work together – the skipper with very large solosailing background with the young co-skipper,  the succesful olympic sailor and  team sailor in mini-Maxi.  Nandor is satisfied with Marcell job on the board, with his talented, creative personality, he is clever, fast, creative – as the three times-around -the -world skipper riported.

Spirit of Hungary team had to stop yesterday to buy more diesel as the wind was very few, almost nothing 2-4 knots, currents against them. Hopefully the boat will arraive safe soon in the harbor.

After couple of days skipperNandor Fa  and co-skipper Marcell Goszleth are going to start for their cross-sailing the Atlantic to USA.

Cross our fingers for all of them to sail well, for having the best wind and best currants, not too high wawes!

05 08 2014


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