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Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60′ BWR media- audio with skipper NANDOR FA – reporter A. Robertson

Today BWR media team called the Hungarian SOH skipper, we received with thanks Nandor’s personal report of the Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60 Equator passage.  Reporter: Andi Robertson BWR media team English writer


BWR news: Nandor Fa continues to impress, as only he does. Three months at sea, peas and bread for lunch again ‘it is getting boring’  and it is feeling ‘too long’ but he says ‘you just have to keep the fire alive.’ And he is so, so enjoying his race and the sheer satisfaction of beating the odds. Responding to the trubute paid to him yesterday by the youthful 52 year old, second placed Guillermo Altadill and asked if he thought Altadill – with seven circumnavigations to his name – might still be racing round the world in nine years, Fa, 61, said:

” You never know. I did not think 15 years ago I would still be here racing around the world again. And I am so happy about that, I am really, really  happy to be doing this. My physicality is back and I feel really, really good. I can do right now what I want to do just when I want to do it. I am in better condition than I thought I would be.”

” We are over the equator here, we have a nice morning here and everything is good. It feels different to be in home hemisphere of the planet, not just the Doldrums but afterwards has been quite difficult too. Yesterday we had a NW’ly which was a local wind and we made some pretty nice progress, right now we are into the wind from the NNE which is also a local wind, not yet the synoptic wind, and when the real wind will come is the question because it is all quite a big mess at the moment.”

On hearing Guillermo Altadill admired him for his race and achievments at 61…..
” It is nice to hear the other skippers admire us. This is an exceptional race we are doing.
Guillermo is a really nice person, I like him very much and he did an excellent race, pushing hard in spite of their problems. I admire their performance, they pushed hard. My congratulations.”