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Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60′ racing boat is sailing on the Atlantic from 5th January –

Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60′ and her skippers finally won their “war for the freedom” against the calm of the Alboran sea – and on 5th of January they crossed the Gibraltar strait.

6th January – sailing with good speed!

from Nandor Fa: Finally we are sailing, I am very happy sailing again, that is why I designed my boat and  came back into the 60 foot sailing world – with my 60′ in my 60′

from Conrad Colman:

“Hi hi, Yes, all good. All is well even if we are not on AIS for you guys. We can see ships here with AIS but the signals don’t make it back to shore very regularlyFantastic to be sailing with the A3 (the big yellow one you have pictures of from our first BCN training) and going fast in the right direction.
Cheers/ Szia. Conrad”

5th January

BWR Race direction info: Passage Tarifa 15h 39 UTC

“Meantime the Great Escape, Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman’s departure from a frustratingly slow Mediterranean was completed at 1539hrs UTC when they passed the gates of deliverance into the Atlantic. Their race starts here! ”

Skipper Nándor Fa and co-skipper Conrad Colman with the Hungarian Imoca 60′ Ocean Masters racing boat are sailing from than on the Atlantic ocean.

audio: co-skipper Conrad Colman (in English)


audio: skipper Fa Nándor (in Hungarian)

(In English later)