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93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

Spirit of Hungary – SHORT PIT-STOP in Italy – and keep GOING TO BARCELONA


SHORT PIT-STOP in MESSINA before crossing the straight and keep going immediatly towards to Barcelona World Race !

audio:  Hungarian English and language

SHORT PIT-STOP in Brindisi and keep going immediatly towards to Barcelona World Race !


Onboard audio – skipper Nandor Fa after they finished the examination of the boat and rig before they enter the Mediterranian.

Onboard audio – skipper Nandor Fa and co-skipper Conrad Colman (ENG):


SOH short pit-stop map cikkbe Brindisi 2014-12-02.jpg


Interview in written version:

Nandor Fa:

“On one side the weather situation was quite tiring. From Trieste we’ve had upwind so far, but it’s not a simple upwind, changing strength and direction all the time. Sometimes it is zero, sometimes it’s 30+ knots. It is really tiring so far. We have to stop in Brindisi because we have some adjustments to make on the mast. After the pitstop, we keep going to Barcelona. We don’t want to spent too much time here.

We can work together with Conrad very well, and also Peter. We are doing four hours of shifts with Conrad, like we will do later. It seems to work so far. You can ask Conrad what he thinks about this, because it’s quite new for him — he used to do different kind of shifts before. The boat is very good, but we have some small things to do. We are happy. The progress was slow, but militant. From the strait of Messina, we will be faster.”

Thank you very much, could you give us Conrad Colman too?

Conrad Colman: 

“Hello, hello, szia!”

Hi Conrad, szia! First of all, we would like to wish you a very happy birthday! How old are you know, 31?


“Yes, I’m 31.”

Congratulations! How is it going on board Spirit of Hungary?


“Thank you! It’s a great day! When I was sitting there having my breakfast, cereal and yogurt, going upwind with the sun shining — it was a beautiful moment, I’m having a good day.”

Could you talk about these last few days since you left Trieste?


“It’s been a little bit complicated with the slamming conditions that we were looking forward to test the boat. It’s nice to be sailing, and it’s nice to start to get a feeling for Spirit, but still lots of work to do.”

Thank you! All the best to you!

C.C.: Thank you, I appreciate that!