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Spirit of Hungary skipper Nandor Fa – a few words about climate

Climate of our Earth – here is a thought to all, whom it may concern!

“If anyone, we IMOCA sailors really do know what climate, weather and nature are. We are sailing on this Earth’s oceans from the 50s of the north to the 50s of the south, with only very little protection. We feel the real weather in its rawest version as it is naturally.

I myself have seen and felt the elements of the seas for 30 years now, have sailed around the Globe four times. I have quite a lot of personal experience in this field, within a long time interval, that allows me to make comparisons between the 1980’s and nowadays. I most certainly do see changes in weather conditions. From time to time I have to realize, that the things I thought I already knew a few years ago, are not the same anymore. There are plenty of phenomenon at sea, that used to be utterly different somewhat 10 or 30 years ago.

This is considered a very long period of time for a human being, but in an infinite universe, it is nothing for the Planet. If these changes are so significant that people can actually sense them within less than a human’s lifetime, what is going to happen to the Earth after centuries? We are very much responsible for every action we take in our lives, and for what we leave to our grand children, and to even further generations. I personally feel my responsibility. I do what I can and what I feel I am obliged to do, in order to be faithful to this globe.”

– Nándor Fa
Imoca 60 ocean skipper, Spirit of Hungary

SOH photo gallery – the ocean: our nature far from civilisation photo©NandorFa_SOH_archive