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Spirit of Hungary test sailing in Barcelona – as an Xmas present for Nandor and Conrad

23rd December,  the day when the Spirit of Hungary team was ready for going out for a nice test sailing after a long hard 2 weeks’ job in the port of the Barcelona World Race. Sailing within almost perfect weather conditions, feeling the boat “enjoying” to sail again – this was a real Xmas present for Nandor and Conrad.

Special interview recorded with the Spirit of Hungary’s  skippers – before we could even start with our questions, Conrad grabbed the microphone and started to interview Nandor, and then himself. 🙂 They were interviewing each others like two riporters about their impressions, jobs and their opinions about each other – it was FUN !

Audio special interview with the skipper Nandor Fa and co-skipper Conrad Colman you can listen here:


Spirit of Hungary Gallery of the test sailing in Barcelona 23rd December photo team’s job supported by the VMSZ rib.