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News – Spirit of Yukoh has dismasted – Vendée Globe 2016-2017 official article Dec.04. and other more boats’ demages 

4th December  – Kojiro Shiraishi informed us late yesterday that the wind had increased a notch (35-40 knots) and that he had switched to J-3 (small jib) with three reefs in the mainsail. In the middle of the night the spar … folytatás

Parallel Problems: Nándor and Conrad’s ‘telepathic’ race: Battling with the pilot and losing the A7  – but the Spirit of Yukoh dismasted – heartbreaking! 

We all know, single-handed offshore racing is not a leasure cruise. Even if everything seems to go well, these skippers are constantly in a battle with technical issues, electrical problems, physical challenges to overcome. And all these things happen while … folytatás