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SOH Imoca60 left Newport: Nándor has started his solo qualification back to Les Sables d’Olonne

Instead of his planned three-days stay in Newport, Nándor Fa decided to start off after only two days on his single-handed qualification transat from Newport back to Les Sables d’Olonne, France. The reason for his sudden decision was the inauspicious weather forecast, which had promised … folytatás

Szóló kvalifikációs útjàra indult Fa Nándor a Spirit of Hungary Imoca60 fedélzetén Newportból (USA)  Les Sables d’Olonne – ba (Fr) kihajózás: 2016. július 8-9. és az első napló

A tervezett 3 napi newporti tartózkodáshoz képest, a második nap délutánján, ellenőrizve az időjárás előrejelzést, amerikai idő szerint, az aznap délutáni kihajózás mellett döntött. Hangfelvételek és az első szóló-hajónapló bejegyzés Július 09. Nándor a születésnapját már a nyílt óceánon “ünnepi-hajózza” … folytatás

SOH Imoca60 – 6th July – The Arrival : transat from Les Sables d’Olonne to Newport – photo_BillyBlack

Hello Newport! Spirit of Hungary has arrived in Newport after 19 days of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean all the way from the birth city of the legendary Vendée Globe race: Les Sables d’Olonne, France 🙂 Not so soon with the … folytatás

SOH Ship’s log from Nándor: 30th June – 5th July, on the way to Newport – Crossed the difficult Golf stream – Getting closer and closer

“the main stream of the Golf with its 3-4 knots makes our lives difficult onboard… Suddenly, at least 6  enormous floating factories appeared around us, with speeds about 16 kts…” [Chronological order from bottom to top] 4th July, co-skipper Patrik … folytatás

SOH Imoca60 Ship’s log: Nándor Fa, 26-27 June – “I love Socrates’ saying that “virtue does not come from wealth, but wealth comes from virtue”

“We saw that Patrick’s bag of food is awfully slim, but he wouldn’t tell us. The port is still far away, … I love Socrates’ saying that “virtue does not come from wealth, but wealth comes from virtue”… I would do … folytatás

SOH Ship’s log from Nándor: 24-25 June. The Atlantic does not lack fishing boats and whales.

The most beautiful timing is when you need to change sails at night… and so this is what happened. The only good alternative was the A2, we hoisted it … 585 sq. metres … once we massively lied down in … folytatás

SOH IMOCA60 SHIP’S LOG – NÁNDOR FA, 20 – 23 Jun 2016 – Transat to Newport

Ship’s log from Nándor Fa on 20-21-22-23 June, on the way to Newport (USA RhI) from Les Sables d’Olonne (Fr). 20. 06., 11:00 GMT The night and the morning were beautiful, with clear blue sky, full moon (almost), and a … folytatás

Breaking News: NY – Vendée race cancelled, new main sail has not arrived.

A change of the program: Nándor Fa cancelled his entry to the New York – VENDÉE transatlantic race. This year’s IMOCA project of the SOH 60′ needs to be redesigned due to the lack of the new sails. He will … folytatás

Spirit of Hungary dismasted – Nandor Fa skipper report – audio in English – photos from Madeira

31.11.2015. Spirit of Hungary IMOCA60′ dismasted this afternoon a little after 1700hrs UTC the IMOCA 60 Spirit of Hungary was dismasted while they were 65 Nm north of the island Madeira. They were in 15 knots of northwest wind. Nandor … folytatás

TBS France guests onboard Spirit of Hungary

French representatives of the TBS nautical clothing and footwear brand visited the Spirit of Hungary 60 footer sailboat in Les Sables d’Olonne right before departing from Port Olona for the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 in Le Havre. … folytatás