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Spirit of Hungary – Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman skipper’s log 19-20 Marc – we hit something – more than halfway up the coast of Argentina

“We were very lucky just one hour ago. Of course, hitting something in a way that doesn’t cause major damage in the boat, is also considered luck for us. I was sitting outside under the roof — there is almost … folytatás

Spirit of Hungary – Fa Nándor Hajónaplója – március 6-7 a magasnyomás csapdájából szabadulva

“Irgalmatlan hideg lett. D-ről fúj, hozza a jéghegyek leheletét. Magamra vettem a legvastagabb szőrös felsőt, ennek elégnek kell lennie. Már csak azért is, mert ennél több nincs….Órák óta 100 % fölött megyünk… Egy felhőlyukon át lenézett a hold, kerek volt és … folytatás

Spirit of Hungary Conrad Colman co-skipper’s log March 6th – under high pressure which lies just south of the Ice Exclusion Boundary..

“Meanwhile, Spirit of Hungary continues to struggle with lighter winds under high pressure which lies just south of the Ice Exclusion Boundary” The last time I attached an excerpt from the race’s weather guy was probably a month ago, but … folytatás

Let’s take a look back at: how the Spirit of Hungary’s food provision had been selected and packed.

It was assembled partly from local grocery stores in Barcelona and partly from pre-ordered, rather costly lyophilized – dry frozen – food, which Nandor and Conrad had ordered from home before their start of the delivery from Trieste. The bulky … folytatás