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Conrad Colman co-skipper of Spirit of Hungary Ship’s log February 23rd – saga of the stuck mainsail car continued today

“Been in the wars a bit have you, mate?” My Mum would say, dabbing oinment onto a newly grazed knee or scuffed elbow. Well, we’ve been in the wars a bit lately too, only we needed a little bit more … folytatás

BARCELONA WORLD RACE 22nd February – including Nandor Fa interview by A. Robertson – to pit stop or not? At least YES.

FRESH NEWS – 22nd Feb. late evening: Spirit of Hungary skippers’ decision is: PIT STOP in  NEW ZEALAND – INVERCARGILL for reparations. Right after finishing the jobs, they continue the BWR race! Audio – Nandor Fa skipper of  Spirit of … folytatás

BWR – Nandor Fa Spirit of Hungary skipper’s Log and onboard interview – very strong conditions on 21th – 22nd Feb

Heading the Pacific Ocean. “There is no log now, we have too much work to do. The main sail’s top lock has broken again, the sail neither goes up, neither down. In 40 knots of wind C had to go … folytatás

CONRAD COLMAN co-skipper’s Log – Spirit of Hungary 21th Febr – Bit of a sticky situation but still going fast

Position: under Tasmania. 400 nautical miles in 24 hours and no energy to lift the arms to celebrate! We have had ideal conditions these past days to make great miles and we have set another speed record for the boat. EMAILS FROM … folytatás