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93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

2014.05.16. Nandor Fa interview just before leaving La Línea

Nándor Fa:

“The time is here to leave Gibraltar. We are very lucky, because the weather seems to be really favorable at the moment. Easterly strong wind is blowing, about 30 knots clearly eastern. The current has changed and it is also flowing straight outwards. It will be fast running out with everything, which is good, because going through the channel in such a huge busy traffic, this is very helpful. We can follow the coastline and go west.

In the beginning, I guess we will be running with the stay and a reefed main sail. We will slightly take a north-westerly direction, and later when the wind direction changes, we can turn down a couple of degrees. It looks like a fast sailing until the Azores — halfway. According to the weather I can see now, it seems to be a comfortable and good sailing.”