Vendée Globe  
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Vendée Globe 2016-2017 official audios in English and some Hungarian


2017/01/29 Hungarian



2017/01/08 Hungarian








2016/12/17 Hungarian


2016/12/15 Hungarian


2016/12/09 Hungarian

2016/11/25 Hungarian



2016/11/19 Hungarian








31.11.2015. TJV 2015 – Spirit of Hungary was dismasted while they were 65 Nm north of the island Madeira. First onboard audio from Nandor Fa skipper:


Nándor Fa skipper’s interview with the Spirit of Hungary Imoca 60 – 1 day before the TJV 2015 start


Interview with Alex Thomson-Hugo BOSS and Nándor Fa-Spirit of Hungary in Le Havre before the start of TJV 2015



Nandor Fa skipper onboard interview recorded by BWR TV media conference – reporter: Andi Robertson



Spirit of HUNGARY skipper NANDOR FA interview by the BWR videoconference /audio version in English. riporter: Andi Robertson

Conrad Colman’s audio riports recorded by BWR  – at the Live coverage:



FA NANDOR skipper Spirit of Hungary 60′ BWR – before restart from pitstop harbour- Bluff New Zealand



FA NANDOR SPIRIT of Hungary  BWR – pitstop at New Zealand – Bluff Harbour



FA NANDOR skipper Spirit of Hungary 60′ BWR – BWR official audio about pitstop at New Zealand

Conrad Colman co-skipper – pitstop New Zealand



FA NANDOR skipper of Spirit of Hungary and Andi Robertson journalist (GB)  -BWR videoconference



FA NANDOR skipper audio  Spirit of Hungary 60′ – BWR – hit an UFO



FA NANDOR skipper audio  Spirit of Hungary 60′ – BWR – Mast repair



Spirit of Hungary audio – Conrad and Nandor – at the last minute before sailing out to startline:


24. Dec. 2014.

Special interview recorded with the Spirit of Hungary’s  skippers – before we could even start with our questions, Conrad grabbed the microphone and started to interview Nandor, and then himself. They were interviewing each others like two riporters about their impressions, jobs and their opinions about each other – it was FUN !

Audio special interview with the skipper Nandor Fa and co-skipper Conrad Colman you can listen here:


09. Dec. 2014. 

Spirit of Hungary is arrived in port of the Barcelona World Race

Conrad Colman co-skipper’s words by telephone interview about his first sailing as at the helm of  the Spirit of Hungary 60′ as co-skipper of  Nandor Fa – the delivery of the renewed Imoca 60′ from Trieste  to Barcelona was the qualification of the Hungarian-New Zealander duo for the Barcelona World Race


08. Dec. 2014 22:00

On-board audio – skipper Nandor Fa  talking about his co-skipper Conrad Conrad and about the substitute co-skipper Péter Perényi  – he is the electrician of the Spirit of Hungary 60′

How Nandor and Conrad were working with each other at first time in their life during the delivery sailing from Trieste to the port of the Barcelona World Race.

C. Colman had relaxed that time we recorded the phone call – we will talk to him later.



Conrad Colman co-skipper of Spirit of Hungary Imoca  60′ – about the preparation for BWR 2014 – in Trieste Nov. 2014.


2014. 09.

Nandor Fa – Modifications of Spirit of Hungary 60′ IMOCA ocean sailing boat



Travelogue of the Hungarian Imoca Ocean Masters co-skipper, Marcell Goszleth not only about the difficulties they have been facing. He tells us, that despite all the challenges, what an exceptional experience it was to be treated as a fellow skipper, not just a rival within the Ocean Masters community:



Interview with Nándor Fa – more detailes about his decision – NYBCN


April 19th 2014  Hungarian 60 foot Sailingboat Launching and Inauguration Ceremony 

The ZOLTEK story – interview with Peter Attila Former VP of Engineering, Consultant ZOLTEK Corporation

Péter Kiss is the Godfather of the Spirit of Hungary 60 foot IMOCA OCEAN MASTERS sailingboat wich built from full ZOLTEK Carbon in Hungary .

Audio – Interview by Xtrame Sudio


James Boyd (GB) – Nandor Fa (HU) and Mónika Kiss – Zoltek representative – interview

Mr. James Boyd (GB), one of the most prominent media expert commentators of the ocean sailing theme (Daily Sail website) visited the Hungarian 60 foot sail boat and Nandor Fa, while his team was preparing for the official IMOCA test.

As Monika Kiss – Account manager of the ZOLTEK Sales from Hungary visited Fa Nandor’s boat at the same time, we introduced them to each other, which led to a very nice and interesting expert discussion.

(audio  – by Xtrame-MIxPRess)


Technical details by IMOCA rules – Nándor Fa interview – January 11th 2014


Spirit of Hungary ocean sailing project presentation interview with NÁNDOR FA in 3 part

/reporter: Lili Fa

Interview #1:

What motivated Nandor to restart ocean sailing, 15 years after the 1997 Transat Jacques Vabre – what inspired the new Hungarian 60 foot sailing project?

Interview #2:

What are the major differences between starting a new ocean sailing project and building a 60 foot boat in Hungary nowadays, and in the ’90s?

Interview #3:

By what philosophy, technological and industrial background can the new project be characterized?


Sails for 60 foot made by Doyle Raudaschl – exciting interview with Florian Raudaschl and Nándor Fa