Vendée Globe  
93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

FUNCHAL: the place where Nándor found so many supporting friends, although it hasn’t been a part of the project

Originally, none of the popular tourism-targeted islands has ever been a goal for Nándor Fa. He is attracted to something else, when sailing on the ocean.

Due to the Spirit of Hungary’s unfortunate dismast on 30th October 2015 during the Transat Jacques Vabre 2015 transatlantic race, he was forced to head to the closest land nearby, Madeira. The Hungarian Imoca60 had sheltered here, while Nándor and his team were preparing the boat’s temporary jury rig for the delivery back to the home port in Les Sables d’Olonne, in France.

Right after the dismast Tamás Mérei worldwide-known cellist, who is secretly an ocean sailing enthusiast, follows Nándor’s project and follows every edition of the Vendée Globe, was already organizing the welcoming of the Spirit of Hungary boat to the island through his friend László Szepesi cellist. Beside all the hard work he had to do daily, Nándor has developed an exceptional friendship with the Hungarian musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra of Madeira. Special thanks to Edina Tenki and  Márcio Serrado Fernandes for their very good partnership and help on Madeira in the several thing to arrange.

Péter Vígh and Rita Boros offered Nándor accommodation, and spent almost all of their spare time helping Nándor in every way they could. The designer of the symphonic orchestra Marcio Serrado Fernandes took Nándor and his team for a personalized sightseeing tour around Madeira, introducing its most famous monuments and natural features to the Hungarian guests.

Thanks to our new friends, we were lucky to have met Miguel Sá, who has become Nándor’s “right hand” on the island, supporting the Hungarian skipper with endless energies the entire time. Miguel, being a sailor himself, knew exactly how to support Nándor, and nothing was impossible for him to organize. He lives on his boat in Marina Funchal. He knows the ocean, he knows the place, he knows the people, and he’s energetic and quick like the wind. According to Nándor, Miguel is always reachable with a call when needed, always helps when needed, and never runs out of good deeds.

Before sailing out, Nándor was invited to a beautiful concert and a warm goodbye dinner by his new Hungarian musician friends.

Our dear new friends, we are very thankful for all your support during our stay in Madeira!

It was a real pleasure to have met you!