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Hugo Boss’s dismast – on the ocean there is no mercy

We’ve seen the news this morning about Hugo Boss’s dismast, we are terribly sorry to hear this! A huge amount of knowhow and energy, a superb boat, that had been in the lead of the fleet this whole time. We are extremely sorry for Alex and Pepe. They are very professional skippers, who’s done such an outstanding performance. We have to congratulate them on their navigation and record!  This should not be happening with such a great team!

Nandor Fa talked about a lot by his experiences of the prevoius ocean-racing, and did it also before the BWR start,  as did Alex in one of his interviews:

“Out on the ocean there is no mercy. Comparing ourselves to nature’s power, we are just small dots out there. We have to respect the ocean and appreciate when it tolerates us.”

message from the Spirit of Hungary team:

We hope the skippers are all right – at least physically – and they will have a safe landfall!  All the best to Alex, Pepe and the Boss Team ! Keep your chins up !

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