Vendée Globe  
93 days 22 hours 52 minutes

Spirit of Hungary 60′ has left Trieste – heading Gibraltar

The Spirit of Hungary 60 foot sail boat has left Trieste — in light wind conditions and sunshine — according to the regulations, at the beginning it used motor power while getting further from land.
The thorough checking and fixing process and calibration of the equipment has continued during the journey as well.
Nándor Fa and Marcell Goszleth announced, they wouldn’t go to sea immediately, with such a brand new and large- size boat with its enormous set of sails — after leaving Trieste, they intended to carry out the step-by-step control of various components of the boat, set all the necessary equipment, before going on.
Around noon, the special shape of the boat and its sails were visible from the land, near Muggia and later from Piran. The Spirit of Hungary approached Istria with the main sail on.
We are constantly looking forward to hear the latest news from Péter Perényi electronic specialist at the navigation table, who is regularly going to inform us about the situation on board during the test sailing.
The crew on board:
— Nándor Fa: skipper
— Marcell Goszleth: co-skipper
— Attila Déry: partner designer
— Péter Perényi: boat electrical technician
— Lajos Varga: logistics and rig
— András Khilenberg: mechanic
— Sándor Fehér: cameraman (Xtrame Studio) — joins the crew in Sicily, takes videos and photos about the test sailing, as official media partner of the Spirit of Hungary Ocean Sailing Project.
(photos by mobil phone from the cost)