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Spirit of Hungary skipper’s messages 02. January 2015.

Spirit of Hungary  – first skipper’s email of the new year arrived from the board  – 02. January 2015.

NANDOR FA skipper:

“After the start we followed the easter truck, we thot that is the better option. Wasn’t. In the morning our gennaker sheet broke, that took 1 hour to repair, done, We could see the small trnsition deweloping here and tried to escape to south, but stcked. Maybe we are the only one to stck here.
Our mood is pretty bad, but we hope some wind for the afternoon.”

CONRAD  COLMAN co-skipper:

“We were a little conservative in our sail choice the first night and as a
result struggled to keep the same course and speed as the others. This lead
us to be caught in the light winds behind Ibiza with We are Water but were
again slow adding bigger sails and have been caught by a ridge of high
We are now in the axis of the ridge and its a house of horrors with the
wind turning from North to East to South and back again. Every sail change
or tack gives renewed hope that a change will stick but its not long before
the inevitable shift comes again and we need to start all over again.
Its a long race and I hope we’ll have opportunities to catch up later.
Thats the only thought I can hang onto now! Fingers crossed for the next
few hours. ”

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