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VENDÉE GLOBE – week 4 – Running to the “Rouring Forties” – SOH77 onboard video

VG2016 December VENDÉE GLOBE, running to the Roaring Forties  – Nandor is #13! ??? SORRY KOJIRO – our nice friend’s boat dismasted! Take care and have a safe sail to the land! 

VG2016 Oh, NO ! Kojiro’s Imoca60 – the Spirit of Yukoh dismated in the yesterday’s late hours. SO SORRY!  One of our favourite VG skippers and good friend of Nándor! How can it happend ! Heartbreaking. Dec.03. Kojiro – VG news:

03.Dec.17:00UTC #VG2016 Spirit of Hungary #NandorFa sailing 13th. Here you find a few of the hundreds of messages to Nandor: ” Keep up your progress Nándor! All the best!, Unbelivable, You are our dream, Best wishes, best wind! Have a lucky Vendée Globe, Nagyon sok szeretettel gondolunk Rád! ( Palinak ugyanekkora borostája van, pedig itt nem mozog a fedélzet!), Nagyszeru!, Bravo Nandor, Félelmetes menet :)…

Thanks so much for all your nice messages and for following Nandor’s Vendée Globe, which is yours too! We are going to forward your greetings to the SOH77 boat. (admin)

On the 1st December the Spirit of Hungary has done her personal record: 406,3 nm in 24 hours! Nándor Fa has 25% done of the race course.

Vendée’Blog from Nandor Fa

N.Fa:“We had very serious winds as we’ve entered our first real depression zone. It’s pushing us beautifully. During the night I felt that the sail combination started to be a little bit too much, in spite of which the boat was still running stably and reacted well to the gusts. I reefed the first line at 31 knots, which according to the sail chart I should have done at 26 knots. I thought I’d let it run, this is a race. Lady SOH was running with 25 knots at times, with an average speed of 17,5 knots.”

I received a mail from Conrad: “Looks like someone’s having fun with their A7! Great speeds Nandi! I hope you are enjoying it. THIS is what we came for!”

I answered: “Yes, I love my A7, works well. The race starts now. I think about you quite a lot, your protection helps you to wash your teeth, no need to brush. Take care my friend, and push!”

During all this speed running, Nándor encountered some problems electric-wise. His autopilot turned off two times.

N.Fa: “This time it was not a big problem, but in stronger winds it will be! I talked to my electrician Peter, and sorted everything out. For fixing the autopilot I had to stop, so I pulled down all the sails. I found one cable was corroded, hence it lost the connection with the rudder more times. It is dangerous to be sailing like that, so I stopped to work on it. Peter was helping me through e-mails, we managed to fix it. I didn’t lose more than 30 minutes fortunately, then I hoisted my sails and kicked off. We also found some settings were changed, I have no idea why and how. But we reset everything the way they were, everything seems to be all right now.”

02, Dec. Nándor is sailing on early morning by the VG official datas 

Latest images from Nándor Fa skipper of the  Spirit of Hungary: ripping waves on the southern oceans with 24 knots, while approaching the Roaring Forties.




VG Web TV 30th Nov. 

?  VG LIVE with Nandor Fa – 30th Nov. Wednesday at 12:00 UTC  Spirit of Hungary skipper and Patrick Viau-SOH team safety and logistic manager

The Vendée LIVE of the 30th November / Vendée… by VendeeGlobeTV

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2016 nov 30. 04:00 UTC Vendée Globe official tracking datas – positions

Vendée Globe – Onboard video message from Nandor Fa 28th Nov.2016.