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Happy New Year!


Vendée Globe – Spirit of Hungary within 1000 miles to arrive – Audio vacation and Ship log on 5-6th February 2017

*ETA: 8th around noon. The latest radio vacation with Nándor Fa onboard Spirit of Hungary from the North-Atlantic Ocean today on 5th February. Nándor is sailing in 8th position in the 2016-2017 Vendée Globe fleet, moving at good speeds towards Les Sables d’Olonne. He is … folytatás

Vendée Globe 12-13th week -SOH77 Ship Log from Nandor Fa –  Spirit of Hungary in February, Vendée Globe 2016-2017 – I’m coming!

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): 7-8th February. Nándor Fa is sailing in 8th place, has crossed the Equator for the 10th time of his carrier on 24th January at 17:27 UTC, and entered the Northern Hemisphere on the way home to … folytatás

Vendée Globe SOH77 12. heti krónika – hajónapló jan. 22-29. Fa Nándor az Egyenlítőn innen

*ETA: Nándortól,  Febr. 5-9. A Spirit of Hungary Január 24-én átlépte az Egyenlítőt! Friss AUDIÓ felvétel újra az északi féltekén! Legfrissebb hajónapló. BRAVO az eddig befutott győztes(ek)nek Armel, BRAVO Alex, BRAVO Jérémie, JP Dick,  Yann, Jean!  *ETA (Estimated Time of … folytatás

SOH77 Nándor’s latest ship logs 14-22th January 2017 – Vendée Globe 2016-2017

*ETA: 02.Febr.?? Nándor and the SOH team in the VG LIVE 21th January – replay here – audios of Nándor *ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) is analysed and updated by the VG Race Direction #VGLIVE 13:00 Jan.21. SOH77 team from the LAKE BALATON via … folytatás

The 8th week of the Spirit of Hungary’s race in the Vendée Globe 2016

Happy New Year for 2017 – good wishes – nice friendly voice messages – montage for Nándor to the Pacific HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2017! audio©mixpress Nándor Fa – Goodbye PARTY before the START of the Vendée Globe – and now … folytatás

Fa Nándor – Vendée Globe 8. hét, 54 nap óceáni krónikája – Spirit of Hungary of Hungary blog Dec. 25-31. Fa Nándor fogadalma ’17-re

BOLDOG ÚJÉVET  –  ZENÉS SOH77 STREET PARTI VIDEO – JÓKÍVÁNSÁGOK NÁNDORNAK 2017-re HANGMONTÁZS BARÁTOKTÓL  – SOH77 Vendée’blog BOLDOG ÚJÉVET KÍVÁNUNK 2017-re mindenkinek! JÓKÍVÁNSÁGOK NÁNDORNAK 2017-re  – HANGÜZENET MONTÁZS BARÁTOKTÓL, ISMERŐSÖKTŐL (audio©mixpress) Boldog Új Évet kívánunk mindenkinek ezzel a hangulatos, rövid exkluzív videóval … folytatás

News – Spirit of Yukoh has dismasted – Vendée Globe 2016-2017 official article Dec.04. and other more boats’ demages 

4th December  – Kojiro Shiraishi informed us late yesterday that the wind had increased a notch (35-40 knots) and that he had switched to J-3 (small jib) with three reefs in the mainsail. In the middle of the night the spar … folytatás

Parallel Problems: Nándor and Conrad’s ‘telepathic’ race: Battling with the pilot and losing the A7  – but the Spirit of Yukoh dismasted – heartbreaking! 

We all know, single-handed offshore racing is not a leasure cruise. Even if everything seems to go well, these skippers are constantly in a battle with technical issues, electrical problems, physical challenges to overcome. And all these things happen while … folytatás

Less than two months until the start – VG2016 skippers’ briefing in Les Sables d’Olonne

VG 2016 SKIPPERS’ MEETING The official skippers briefing of the 2016-17 Vendée Globe solo around the world sailing race took place on 8th-9th September, less than two months before the start of the eighth edition of this legendary race in the … folytatás